Monday, May 31, 2010

Celebrating my mom's Birthday

Ten of my favorite things about my Mom:

1- She taught me that life is too short & that’s why I need to live each day as if it was my last.
2- She puts others needs and wants above her own. She is a self-less person.
3- She is always giving gifts and doing random acts of kindness for others (esp. those that need it most).
4- She makes me laugh harder than ANYONE in this world. She has the FUNNEST personality and everyone is and always has been drawn to my mom. I’ve always had the, “cool mom.”
5- She is gorgeous!!! She never goes anywhere until she looks her best. I’ve always had the, “hot mom.”
6- She is kind no matter what. I’ve seen my mom in a lot of situations and to her, “kindness matters most” and I love her example.
7- She loves my dad more than anyone in the world!!They are so cute together!
8- She is close to the lord and has a strong testimony of the church.
9- She asks me to go shopping & do other fun things with her and we always have a blast.
10- She picked me in heaven to be her daughter and for that I’m eternally grateful.
Happy Birthday mom! I love you like the fat kid loves cake (chocolate cake that is) ha-ha. You are the best!!xo xo xo.
For her birthday she invited Sam and I to Market Street Grill (YUMMM) and to a movie. We had a blast! Here are some pictures:
This picture was taken outside of Market Street Grill (my sister on left, my mom, dad, Sam and I)

 Sam and my dad...Muah!
My baby sister Sydney and I...


  1. LOVE your shirt!! You look gorgeous like always!:) Happy Birthday momma Smith! Looks like a blast:) Share some of your homemade bread would ya.. haha jk Maybe you can teach me how to make bread... or just to cook haha!

  2. Thanks Ash :). I will share some tonight!!You will looove it & I'd love to teach you sometime!Love you girl!

  3. hey cute girl! i have loved reading nat's chat so keep up with that blog ;) and i am so excited you have this one now too! you are beautiful and just seem so happy :) i want to come to one of your a.f. golds power pump classes... maybe next week. so take good care of me when i try it out!

  4. Thank-you Amy :). I'm happy you like nat's chat!I will keep posting. K, I would looove it if you came to my class and I will take good care of you so no worries. Come this Thursday 6:30-7 p.m. all abs and 7-8 power pump. Love to have you :). PS - Your little boy is precious!I want to meet him...