Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Pictures

Was Sam not THE CUTEST boy ever?! I hope he's not embarased I posted these!Looking at his baby pictures totally makes me want to have a little boy that looks just like him :).

 Sam and Ryan Gardner (Sam on left). CUTE!

My first year of my life I was chubbbby but thankfully I grew out of it.
Ha ha!Love baby pictures!
Kay, so I totally thought it was hott to squint as HARD AS I COULD during pictures when I was little. OH MY GOSH check this one out - sooooo funny!
Major squintage ha ha. A picture is worth a thousand words, that's for sure!


  1. Natalie!! Those pictures of you when you were little are bringing back some memories ha ha! You looked so cute in all of them! And oh my gosh...Sam was a stinkin' cute kid! Get going on that girl! Get some Swensons here will ya?? ha ha

  2. Char!!Ha-ha, I love you girl!Remember how we've been friends from the womb?!I need to buy a scanner and scan-in old pictures from our childhood or maybe you have some?I have many fun pictures of us :). They make me smile. I agree, Sam is SOOO SO SO cute. I will get some Swenson's here under ONE condition...You bring some cute Carn's into the world!Get going sista!!Ha ha. Love and miss you girl!Muah.

  3. Love these! I expecially love the second one of you! SO CUTE! miss you tons xoxo