Sunday, June 6, 2010

Golfing Fun at Sleepy Ridge

Sam is working very hard this summer and sets high goals for himself. Last week he set a goal to get (x) number of sales in one day for Pest Control and he went above his goal!He never ceases to amaze me. As an incentive, we decided the day he hit the goal we would go buy him golf clubs and when we went to go buy them he stopped, looked at me (with a big grin on his face) & said, "I want you to get some too" :)....Aww~melted my heart - he is so thoughtful and spoils me rotten!! So now we both have a new set of clubs :). We decided to try them out and I looove them. Here are some pictures of us golfing:

Sam standing by his new clubs:                                    

Me standing by my new clubs:

Golfing with Sam was a lot of fun!I'm happy he teaches me neat things like how to Golf :). I really like it!
Oh and did I mention Sam is Tiger Woods?!Ha ha. He can drive the ball SO far...I love it. This picture of him is sooo sweet!I want to put it on our wall or something...

Golfing was a blast. I love doing fun things with Sam...He is the greatest husband!Love you babe. xo.


  1. So fun!! You are a good photographer! Oh wait.. You are just good at everything:) Ty is so jealous that you go golfing with Sam.. haha!! I told him sam worksout with you so when he does that I'll go with him!! Love you!

  2. ha ha you're funnay!Tell Ty that we all need to go..YES, including YOU missy ;). Ha ha get him working-out w/you (and back to my abs class) and well DEFINATELY go Golfing. Last night was fun...I downnned that coke :) ha ha...Love me a good drink after my workouts. Love me some Ash time even more :). Love you lady!