Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 6.20.10

Sam and I visited both of our dad’s on Father’s Day. Here are some fun pictures with our dad’s and families:
My wonderful dad and I:
Sam and my dad:

My mom bought my dad a Pellet gun for Father’s Day. My dad and Sam disappeared and had fun shooting some birds:

Sam shooting-He is ready for hunting season:

My dad is happy with his new gun:

Sam and Papa Swens:

(Sister-in-law) Nicole and I hanging-out at the BBQ:

My favorite puppy in the world -Koda- and I:

It was a great day!Love you dad :).

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  1. Nat can you stop being so pretty!! haha jk! Love your pics!! I still need to meet Koda!! Looks like a fun fathers day!!