Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I miss my Brothers

I have two brothers and a brother-in-law serving L.D.S. Missions and I'm sooo proud of them ! I miss them terribly! Elder Tyler Jacob Smith is serving in Dallas, TX and returns home on 8/18/10...Two months~wahoo!!He has worked SO hard and has had much success serving. I can hardly wait to see him and we're so excited to have him meet Sam! Here are some pictures of Elder T. Smith: (Tyler is on the right in this picture below)

I have another brother serving in Anchorage, Alaska!He is doing great!He sends us pictures and it's SO beautiful there. I'd love to go visit Alaska someday. Here are some pictures of Elder B. Smith and I:

Sam has a brother serving out in Japan - Elder David Swenson. He comes home this December and we are excited to see him. Here is a couple pictures of Elder Swenson and I - This picture below was taken by Sam (ha ha) we were all Ice Skating and David tried to knock me over:
Sam and I ate Sushi with David before he left on his mission to Japan. The picture above was taken at a Sushi Restaurant.

We Love & miss you Elders!!xo xo xo.


  1. all 3 are adorable!!
    how fun for you that your brother gets home in 2 months! that is sooo soon!
    cute pics though.

  2. and ps..your poor mom, for having 2 out at the same time.

  3. Thanks Jules :). Hope you had a great Birthday girl!!I'm stoked to see my brother~feels like he's been gone forever!Want to meet him?? ;) Ha ha.

    I feel bad for my mom...In one year, her 3 oldest kids were gone!It's been hard on her but I keep telling her that the family will only grow and get better :). The only one at home is my little sister, Sydney. It's hard on Syd as well...I guess that's what happens when you have 3 kids who are about a year apart each~sheesh is right!Syd turns 16 in January and I know that Tyler will give her a hard time when she starts dating~ha ha he likes to tease.