Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paul and Ashlee's Wedding on 2.18.11

It was a beautiful wedding in the SL Temple. Here are some pictures from it:

The Swenson family:

Sam and Ethan Howard Ault:

Nicole, Laura and I waiting for them to come out of Temple:

 Paul and Ash...Isn't she beautiful!!:

Sam and Paul:

Ash and I:

I loove her dress!

My sisters!~Please Note: Laura and I ARE in fact pregnant :). Haha. I'm due on March 15th and she's due towards the end of the month. We're both having girls :

Congrats Paul and Ash! We're so happy for you!!...and Ashlee we are so happy to gain another sister :).

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  1. Wow her dress is GORGEOUS! You are so adorable. I can't believe you only have two short weeks left! Good luck!