Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Baby Showers :).

I was SO blessed to have 3 baby showers!Some of my best friends (Ashley, CharLee and Kristi) threw me a baby shower and my mom threw me a shower and my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws (Nicole & Laura) threw me a shower. Here are some pictures from each:

This shower was at Ashley Sorensen's house and it was so so fun!Thanks again Ash, Char and Kris!!

The next shower was at my moms house and she did an amazing job:

She bought me a, "diaper cake" which was the cutest thing I'd EVER seen!


My Grandma Kaye and I, I love her sooo much:

My Grandma, Mom, Mother-in-law and I:

The Brown family and my mom and I:

My mother-in-law threw Ashlee a bridal shower and threw me a baby shower on the same day. It was a lot of fun & the food was so so yummy! Ash and I:

 Thanks again to everyone who threw me a shower and who attend my showers. I feel so blessed and loved :).


  1. Your showers look like so much fuN! I wish I were there to see you in person. But you look AMAZING! So exciting that its coming up so quick! Good luck with the last little bit. Love ya!

  2. How fantastic baby shower. How did you manage to attend three showers back to back!! Loved all of these photos and must say that you are so lucky! I also would be hosting a gold and black themed shower for my cousin so have to find the prettiest garden LA venues on my budget. Hoping to find a good location as per theme requirement.