Saturday, November 6, 2010

21 Weeks~Results are IN.

Yesterday Sam, my mom and I went to hear/see the ultrasound that would confirm our babys gender. The results are in and it's a ....... Girl!For sure!The first doctor we went to at 14 weeks told us he was 300% sure it was a girl and Dr. Melendez told us yesterday that in 18 years he has never been wrong. Yay, well go with that.

During the Ultrasound, he went through all her body parts and everything looks great with her. She is right on schedule to come in March. We were all laughing because when he looked at her hands she was holding out her index finger...We thought she was saying, "I'm number one" or something. It was pretty funny to see her do that. Here are the pictures from yesterdays ultrasound. It's a miracle. I love my baby girl!
These two are (bottom to top) her spine and her feet.

These three (bottom to top) are her finger (you can see her pointing), hand, and arm and finger.

We love her so much already :).

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  1. Congrats Nat! That's so exciting. I know how you feel about wanting to buy everything for her now too. I'm glad to finally know someone else having a girl! You're gonna be a great mama!