Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Halloween, Breaking Dawn, Isabella's Blessing, Thanksgiving, and Hailey's First Santa Visit

We had a fun Halloween!We dressed Hailey up as Little Red Riding Hood and went to visit Nana/Trick or Treat at her work:

 Hailey loves Uncle Brandon:

 And her Aunt Syd:

It was such a fun day/night!

We went to the Thanksgiving Point haunted corn maze with Tom and Nicole and had a blast:

Nicole was hillarious!!

The Midnight Twighlight movies are SO fun to go to every year!Such a party!Here's some pics from Breaking Dawn:

Such a party!Love it!

Nicole and Tom had their third baby girl, Isabella. We attended her baby blessing and she is an angel baby...Here's a picture of Laura, Nicole and I...and our baby girl's:

I have the best sister-in-law's in the world!

Thanksgiving this year was at my parents house and my mom cooked everything herself. It was an amazing dinner and we had so much fun! This year was special because both my brothers were here...They had both been serving LDS missions for the past 4 years so it was neat to have the family all together again. After dinner we saw a movie then visited Sam's family and had dessert with them. It was a day to remember!Look at that Turkey-yum:

 Hailey's first Thanksgiving :)

Hailey loves when Nana reads books to her!

A few days ago we took Hailey to see Santa for the first time. She did good at first, then we put her back on his lap to get a picture with Nicole's girls and she freaked. Ha ha- Hailey's facial expressions are priceless. I love her so much. Here's some pics:

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