Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was so much fun!We were with the Swenson family on Christmas Eve...We had a yummy dinner then Santa came. On Christmas day we were with the Swenson and Smith families.

This picture was taken at the Swensons in Alpine (28 weeks pregnant):

Sam on Santa's Lap:

Sam and I on Santa's Lap:

Sam and baby Isaac (Laura's son):

Baby Londyn (love her to death), sister-in-law Nicole and I:

The entire Swenson family:

My Aunt Kelly's Birthday lunch at La Jolla Groves in Provo:

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!Looking forward to having a baby girl with us next year :).


  1. Cute pics girl! I know I say this ALL the time.. but seriously you are the CUTEST pregnant lady!:) You are SOOOOO teeny tiny! Love your pics:) Looks like a blast! xoxo

  2. You are too nice!I feel huuuge! Love you girl!