Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a Girl!

Yesterday we did an early ultrasound (at 14.3 weeks) and found out that IT'S A GIRL! I am SO excited to have a girl!!! It will be so fun to dress her up and to have another little dancer in the family. It took my breath away as I watched her move inside of me yesterday. She was stretching, sucking her thumb, turning, and grabbing her leg~haha. Babies are such a miracle...I can't believe that I have one growing inside of me. I can feel her sweet spirit and I know she is meant to come down at this time. I feel so lucky that we've been blessed with a sweet daughter of our Heavenly Father.

Now it's time to go shoppin!YEAH!

Here are some pics from yesterday. xo. PS~She's due in March.

And here's the pics from the first ultrasound that the doctor did:


  1. yay!!! so awesome. i want a girl first. thats so exciting.

  2. what your preg?! i am sooo excited for you guys! having babies is the BEST!

  3. your little gummy bear is so so cute!!