Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4, 2010!!Well...Technically it was the 3rd

The day all started with a MAJOR butt kick Bike ride with my dad. I haven’t been on a bike for a whilllle and let’s just say he was a lot faster than I was. It was a beautiful ride in Provo and fun to spend time with my dad.

After the ride, I took my little sister to 7 Peaks and we laughed our guts out!! I felt like a kid again. Thanks for the fun afternoon, Syd.

I looove my sister’s blue eyes…Yet, no one knows where her blue eyes and blond hair came from? We're all brunette and have Hazel and Brown eyes.

That night we went to Stadium of Fire w/Tyler and Ashley. Carrie Underwood was AMAAAZING in concert!  Ash and I were dancing and singing the entire night and our boys were Suuuper embarrassed but isn’t that what you do at concerts?!Sing and dance…Ha ha! It was a funnn day!

I love America with all my Heart!

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